Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are Friends meeting?

As of 2022, Friends of the Freedom Public Library are once again meeting in person in the Florence Pritchard Meeting Room in the Library.

What is the money collected by the Friends used for?

The Friends of Freedom Public Library fund over 150 Adults and 70 programs for Teens and Children. In terms of persons, that is over 5004 persons who have utilized our enrichment programs in 2017. Numbers change yearly on programs based on COVID restrictions. The Friends sponsor several types of programs whether they are held on Zoom, in person or a combination based.

Additionally the Friends have reimbursed 50% of a staff member’s tuition for Library Information Science graduate studies.

2021 was a big year for the Friends. We were able to purchase and have installed a digital sign outside the library. This $30,000 purchase allows us to keep the public updated on events happening in the library. 2021 Friend donations includes such items as eBooks, Audiobooks and new virtual programming.

How many members belong to the Friends of the Freedom Library?

As of October 2022, we currently have 295 members and are steadily growing every month with new recruitment drives.

What is the average amount of members and member hours in a month?

On average we have anywhere between thirty and forty active members. In October we had 34 members that has contributed 825 hours.

What type of memberships do you have?

We have two types of memberships available here at the Friends of Freedom Public Library. The first section is an active membership. An active membership has several different options for volunteer opportunities. Available options include: writing for the websites and Facebook, Fundraising options via crafts, bake sales, Book sale committee, Membership drives, Hospitality and Children’s events.

Our membership has over 40 members who actively support our monthly meetings. These members help provide structure and forum for pressing motions deciding different fundraising options, new ideas and new projects to embark on.

We also have the option of a silent donor membership. This involves paying yearly dues.

What are some of the Friends past donations?

In 2017 a Bat House was constructed to reduce mosquitoes and protect local bats around the library. This was a $300 dollar contribution.

In 2018, a portable laptop computer classroom valued over $24,000 was donated. The Friends of Freedom Public Library funded the purchase of the new book drop.  It will make returning of library books easier for both the public and the library staff. The Friends funded this purchase for the amount of $4,463.00.

In 2019, The Friends donated funds to renovate the workplace for the Librarians. This included new desks, cabinets, chairs and more. Creating a work-friendly area for the employees helps by being a safer environment. The Friends of the Freedom Public Library donated the $18,000 for the addition.

in 2020, most of the Friends donations were centered around things to help the Library endure the pandemic such as Zoom, Audio and Ebooks and digital programming platforms.