Ways to help

Key Reasons for Supporting Our Library

The Friends of the Freedom Public Library is an essential library partner that raises supplemental funds to help the library meet the evolving needs of our community. We believe that with the help of our community, we can meet the financial challenges that will confront the library. Together, we can ensure that our library continues to be a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, and community engagement for all.

  1. The library expansion will quadruple the size of the library to an impressive 32,000 square feet, underscoring the need for additional programming, services and resources not covered in the county’s library budget.
  2. The continuous influx of new residents within southwest Marion County will continue to put a strain on library services, programming and facilities, requiring increased supplemental financial assistance.
  3. As a recognized mainstay in our library community, the Freedom Public Library is a shared place, providing educational, creative, and recreational outlets, where regardless of age, income, or ability, individual can connect with each other, gather to explore, interact and imagine.

Key Areas Requiring Increased Financial Support 

As our library embarks on its exciting expansion project, we have identified four key areas that would greatly benefit from supplemental financial support to enhance the overall experience and address specific needs that go beyond the scope of the expansion costs.

  1. Early Learning Center – Engaging pre-school children and their families in shared experiences that nurture their social and emotional growth and help ready them for academic success. 
  2. Comprehensive Programming – Responding to the interests and needs of children, teens, and adults with programs that help them use and enjoy the rich library and community resources available here in Marion County. 
  3. Professional Staff Development – Supporting the library’s professional staff in a range of opportunities that develop the skills for meeting their position requirements, and for providing state of the art services to library patrons. 
  4. Friends Bookstore – Facilitating and enhancing the sale of low-cost used books and using the revenues to fulfill the Friends’ mission to provide the library with supplemental funds.