Meeting Future Library Challenges

Friends Need Friends

The work of the Freedom Friends is grounded in friendship. This creates a culture of collaboration, engagement and connectivity and ensures that our work goes forward in an atmosphere of caring and encouragement. Among the Friends everyone’s ideas and opinions matter, and there are involvement opportunities for all. We share our interests and concerns with one another and take great pleasure in our camaraderie, which in turn, energizes our efforts.

2021 Celebration of the digital sign that was donated by the Friends of the Freedom Public Library after four years of hard work, dedication and fundraising. Celebrating the dedication of the sign is Commissioner Kathy Bryant, Judie Sieg, Freedom Librarians and FOFL members.

Our Approach:

Support the library as it works to respond to the significant population increase predicted for the library service area over the next five years.

Our Mission:

To raise supplemental funds the Freedom Public Library can use to develop and promote library resources, services and facilities for our community.

Our Vision:

We envision the Freedom Public Library as a mainstay in our community.

Our Goal:

To increase public awareness of the Freedom Public Library, and the role the Friends play in carrying out our mission by actively engaging with residents, homeowners associations, businesses, and other community organizations within the southwest corridor of Marion County.

Next Steps…

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