Yearly Fundraisers

Friends of the Freedom Public Library utilize several different avenues when raising money for our Library. One approach is various book sales. Book sales occur in the lobby and range from Special Saturday (or other named day of the month) to Pop Up bundle sales. Another favorite time is our bake sales. The public loves cookies and brownies and looks forward to FOFPL baking adventures.

Look at the following options to see if any of this sounds fun to you. If so, consider filling in an application and joining our crew.

Lobby Book Sales

If you have visited the Freedom Public Library Lobby, one will encounter several shelves of books. This is where donations for the patrons are collected, sorted, and shelved for sale. There are several categories of books including Cookbooks, Fiction and Non fiction titles, Children and Young Adult section and even a Novelty bundle table including packaged books and Miscellaneous Cards.

Check out the Freedom Public Library’s Lobby shelves if you are looking for something new to read. These shelves are ever changing as books are constantly donated, loved and donated again. It’s because of YOU that we are able to continue to do what we do. January Lobby sales were exceptionally spectacular as we raised over $500!!

Random Shelfie!

Super Saturday Sales (SSS)

Usually every month (minus Semi Annual Book sale months) is a special Saturday lobby sale. This is a themed sale where specific books are priced differently. Each theme has to do with either a genre of books, popular authors, or a certain goal in mind. Keep checking our local calendar for our next SSS.

Bundle Table

Our bundle table showcases specific themes of books for sale. These are usually packaged in ribbons and have a set price posted on the set.

Next Steps…

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