Our Members

Any person interested in furthering the Friends purposes as expressed in our mission and core values are invited to become a member of the Friends of the Freedom Public Library.

To become a member, simply complete an application form and fulfill the annual dues requirement.

Our members, whether through their time, talents, or donations, form the very foundation upon which we build our organization. They are not just supporters; they are the heart and soul of our library community, the driving force behind the Friends achievements, and the reason we can continue to accomplish our mission of providing the Freedom Public Library with supplemental funding to support the library’s programing, resources, and services.

As an active member you will be offered a range of volunteer opportunities such as: contributing content for our website and Facebook page, participating in fundraising initiatives like crafts, bake sales, and book sales, engaging in membership drives, assisting with hospitality and fundraising events. You may also participate at our general monthly meetings. These meetings serve as a platform for essential discussions, including motions, fundraising strategies, innovative ideas, and new projects.

Become a Member

Our commitment as a Friend stems from a genuine sense of community service, a shared love for reading, and the joy of making new friends. As a member of the Friends you will not only experience a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, but you will also be contributing to the enrichment of our library community’s collective well-being.

When we embrace the role of a Friend of the Freedom Public Library, we wholeheartedly recognize the library’s vital significance as a mainstay within our community. Providing free books and a myriad of free services accessible to all, the Freedom Public Library functions not only as a repository of knowledge, but also as a secure space where people can unite, delve into the intricacies of our community, and acquire valuable information.

When you become a member of the Friends you will not only be making new friends working on a team, and experiencing personal growth and well-being, you will also be supporting your library, and your community.

Membership Categories

We have several different categories to choose from.

Student $5

Single $10 

Family $20

Business/Organization $50


All members are encouraged to participate in one or more of the following opportunities.

~ Working on the sale of donated books

~ Volunteering and/or chairing a committee

~ Suggesting or arranging a fundraising event

~ Serving as an officer or on the Board

~ Signing up for refreshments

~ Participating in advocacy for the library

~ Participating in community outreach

~ Serving on the fundraising committee

~ Serving on a standing committee

~ Attending general meetings