About Us

Our Approach

The Friends are dedicated to preserving and strengthening the resources, services and facilities that the library gives freely to our community. We believe that with the help of our community, we can meet the challenges that will accompany the area’s population growth and the planned expansion of the library.

The southwest corridor of Marion County has seen phenomenal growth in homes and residents in the past three years. That growth is expected to continue, creating a need for significant increases in library services, materials, facilities and programming.

In anticipation of this growth and consistent with the county’s plan to increase the library to four times its current size, we are seeking fundraising support from residents, businesses and citizens’ groups in southwest Marion County. By working together, we can help the library provide vital resources (not covered in the county’s budget for the library) to our library community.

Our Story

As members of the wider educational community, the Freedom Friends are dedicated to promoting literacy. We commit to making all forms of materials available to the public from print to digital and beyond, from reading nooks to audio stations, tablets, and computers and whatever the future brings. We are especially committed to programs for young readers and to events that nurture children’s learning and love of reading, encourage their curiosity and above all empower them to live in the world.

The Freedom Friends are proud to join with the library in community outreach and community building. We seek to support the library’s commitment to making Freedom Public Library a safe, nurturing and educational environment for children and adults, a place that is open and inclusive and in a very real sense, the heart of the community.

As a non-profit charity, we organize our work around a continuous improvement process. We project future enhancements to the library that will further enrich the entire community while taking responsibility for careful stewardship of the assets we develop through fundraising, membership outreach and obtaining grants and donations. We support the library staff in their own professional development as a key element in serving the community.

Next Steps…

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