Did you know that in 2018 we had over 232 members. This is a 12.68% increase from 2017. Our total volunteer hours was 4,748. Friends of the Freedom Public Library members contributed over $123,448 of valued volunteer hours.

If our members are working that hard, we must be doing something we love. Becoming a Friends of the Freedom Public Library enriches one’s life through several different outlets. Friends help promote literacy and lifelong learning. We also promote libraries and library growth. Friends encourage the development of library facilities through financial assistance and direct volunteer support. Fellow Friends are library advocates who sponsor community activity which then augment library functions.

Membership Categories

We have several different categories to choose from.

Student $5

Single $ 10 

Family $ 20

Sponsor $ 25

Advocate $ 50

Patron $100

Benefactor $500

Library Leader $1000 and up