Ways to help

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Friends of the Freedom Public Library is a cluster of friends who dedicate time and energy to improving our local library. We do this several different ways.

One way to volunteer is through books itself. Our group receives thousands of books every year that are placed in several different sales. We need people to separate the books according to genre and size. There is also a need for people to work the Semi-Annual Sales. These occur in April and October.

FOFPL offers hospitality options at several of the Freedom Library promotions. This includes setting up and serving the food provided by our group.

Since FOFPL is constantly growing, there is a need for membership and mentorship committees. These groups send out reminder letters, newsletters and set up friendly meeting functions.

Social Media and Publicity is a hopping committee promoting all upcoming events to local papers, Facebook, Nextdoor.com and other places.

If any of these opportunities sound interesting, please consider donating some time with Friends of the Freedom Public Library.

Other ways to help:

We are slowly incorporating outdoor and indoor book sales into our routines again. Look at our sign for upcoming events. Below is one of our popular outdoor sales. We also accept Paypal and Amazon Smile donations. See the other pages for updated information.